Monday, May 4, 2009

2009 Update

After much pressure from my beloved fans, I have decided to start writing again about things going in my life for the whole world to read... or the eight people that have nothing better to do.

Things have changed quite a bit since then. I have moved to Birmingham. It's not as easy as thought it would be. I miss a lot of my friends in Montgomery. It's nice having people you can call up at the drop of a hat to hang out or go on a Walmart run with. I guess I took those for granted. But, that's part of moving away and there are more pros than cons. I do have a good support network up here with the grandparents, Kyle, Tiana, and Andrew. The job is going well and I feel like I am catching on quickly. I hope to start my real esate license in the near future. I've been putting it off and need to just do it.

I'm also singing bass in another group. They sing primarily oldies but they are wanting to venture into some different genres. It should be a fun hobby and I might make a little extra money. I've always wanted to sing bass in a group so I am looking forward to impressing the ladies (50+) with my smooth voice, haha. I am never able to impress girls my age. In Cornerstone it was 12-14 year olds and now senior citizens. Oh well, I still enjoy the compliments.

I am looking forward to a busy summer. So far it includes whitewater rafting, Braves/Red Sox/ Yankees games, Six Flags, family vacation in Destin, and concerts in between everything. I'm pretty pumped about everything minus the extreme heat.

I am going to make it a personal goal to write more. Until next time...

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